#4 When They Serve Big, You Eat Smaller

Clean Fun Living - When they serve big, you eat smaller

Since we live in a super-sized culture, we’re expected to want more, bigger, stronger and faster for our money all the time. What looks like a normal portion on a 12-inch plate or a man-trough sized bowl can, in fact, be outrageously huge.

A Cornell University study showed that even nutrition experts served themselves 31% more ice cream when using oversize bowls compared with smaller bowls.

The size of the serving utensil mattered, too: Subjects served themselves 57% more when they used a three-ounce scoop versus a smaller scoop.

Other studies at Cornell have shown that people are more likely to pour 30% more liquid into squatter vessels.

Take Action
Pour drinks into tall, skinny glasses, not the fat, wide kind. Use smaller plates and serving utensils when available.
Try a salad or dessert plate for the main course and a teaspoon to serve yourself.

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