#3 Pick Your Battles

Clean Fun Living - Pick your battles

Perfection is not an option.

Even if you’ve set your intentions and two goals you’ll inevitably find yourself in moments of weakness where you’re just like “eff it” I don’t care. I say then go for it with gusto.  Just give into the stress and overwhelm of the moment and do what you “have to” do. The moment too shall pass and you can pressF5 and refresh you willpower for the next one.

Your goals and intentions aren’t your enemy. They’re what you say you want.

The conflict arises when the/your powerful, long establish habits push back and say:

“oh hell no, we ain’t fitting to change nuthin’ round here”

Being mindful during the holidays is work, and your old habits are easily threatened. So remember this is an imperfect process that’s part of a larger journey toward living a healthier life at all times of the year.

Starting now puts you that much further ahead of the game and ensures whatever new behaviors you do attempt in January have a better chance of crowding out the “bad” habits that no longer serve you.

Take Action
If (and when) you do give into indulgence, give all the way into it.
Maximize your taste buds comfort and joy in the moment

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