2016 Holiday Eating Guide for Guys Who Know Better…

Clean Fun Living 2016 Holiday Eating Guide For Guys Who Know Better

If you love-hate this time of year like I do, then celebrating the season while aiming to do minimum damage to your waistline, blood-pressure, and sugar levels, and your mental health becomes the true gift that keeps on giving.

With the season in full swing, what’s your plan to get through the next 2 weeks with the least amount of damage to your health?

As the cold, harsh gray light of January approaches, you could change nothing and be that (stereotypical) guy who gets “resolved” to lose the pounds gained over the holidays, with a short-lived stint at the gym and yoga studios, swiftly aborted attempts at eating “clean”.

My 2016 Holiday Eating Guide offers you a different outcome this year.

I’m asking you to incorporate a bit of mindful awareness and a lot of preemptive common sense.  By taking a step back to ask yourself:

  • What do I want out of this time of year?
  • How exactly do I want things to go?

You reduce possible overwhelm and switch to autopilot in order just to get through.

I’m asking you to become more conscious in the moment; since it’s the only way you actually have any control.

To facilitate that, I offer you 11 simple tools and strategies intended to minimize weight gain and other detrimental side effects of the inescapable Holiday Excess Lifestyle Labyrinth aka (“HELL”).

We all could use a little more…

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