Clean Fun Living - Set TWO Goals

Your subconscious is also always open to suggestion.  In one recent Harvard study, people who were simply told that they did enough in their daily lives to meet the surgeon general’s recommendations lost weight and body fat without consciously changing a thing.

You can take full advantage of this awesome power of suggestion to set two goals this holiday season.
Your first goal is an ideal outcome you want by January 1, 2017.

That might be (a) getting all your major shopping before the week of Christmas or (b) not letting that competitive 1st cousin get under your skin.

Once you have an “ideal” goal, set an “acceptable” goal that you’ll be able to live with if all else fails (i.e., you get in at least one workout between Christmas and NYE or you only inhale half your usual number of Aunt Lou’s famous Meyer lemon squares).

Setting yourself up for success engages your subconscious to manifest the outcome you desire.

Take Action
Pick two goals for yourself that you be happy reaching this holiday season.

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