#10 Plan Your Workout Before the Party

Clean Fun Living - Workout before the party

For the regular gym and fitness inclined, why not turn your party overindulgence into a post-workout meal?

This works best if you workout right before the party or event. Make sure that it’s a higher intensity workout by doing supersets, limiting phone scrolling during rest periods and, adding sweat-inducing cardio at the end.

You could also kick it up a notch throughout your pre-party exercise by staying active during your “rest” between sets. kettlebell swings, jogging in place, jumping rope, burpees, or step-ups . This constant motion is very effective at maintaining a constant calorie burn.

By creating a calorie deficit can then turn all that delicious party food into a post-workout recovery process. Recovery demands plenty of calories for your body to build and repair muscle, plus there’s no better time to eat cheat foods than after an intense workout session.

The damage to the way your body looks and feels will be minimal, if at all.

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Plan that exercise routine right before the next holiday event

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