#1 Set an Intention to Pay Attention

Clean Fun Living - Set an intention to pay attention

Funny thing about willpower: the amount of you have is inversely related to the frequency of temptation you’re exposed to.

In other words, you have less and less willpower the more often you find yourself in situations where you want more of it.

Although I should know better as an experienced health coach. I’m human.  I love all the holiday food and festivities too much to be deprived.

So I boost my diminishing willpower with the following tips and strategies to have my (multiple slices of) cake while minimizing the burden on my waistline and level of guilt I will inevitably feel once all the celebrating ends.

I invite you to see which one(s) you can employ when you find yourself faced with far too many indulgences and your willpower has all but deserted you.

Eating: Mindful vs. Mindless
Mindless eating is easy just because the food is right there in front of you. Same with eating while distracted – a la standing and chatting at a party.

You do it more for emotional comfort than hunger. Simply put, it’s not paying attention to what you eat which leads to overeating on autopilot.

The key to mindful eating is simple awareness. Just by paying more attention to what you eat or what you’re doing at any given moment during the holidays you’re more likely to make beneficial changes.

Consider the following:

  • Who you want to hang with and be around that would be fun or most beneficial to your sanity and/or your career/business goals?
  • How much do you drink to overcome social awkwardness than to celebrate an occasion?
  • How “connected” do you feel to the flurry of holiday activity going on around you?
  • What time would ideally like to arrive/leave an event? Do you even want to go at all?
  • How hurt or offended would the host(s) be if you didn’t go?

Take Action
Book a 5-10 date with yourself at a time when you won’t be distracted (the bathroom is good for this). Take that time to focus inward. With eyes closed take some deep, cleansing breaths and visualize how you want your remaining holiday experiences to unfold.

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